Some good news today for T-Mobile customers. The cellphone provider is planning to launch their "5" plan later this year, which is currently in testing in the Portland, Oregon region. The "5" is a new rate plan that allows you to pick five numbers that you make and receive calls to and from the most, and T-Mobile will let you talk to those people for free. SMS and MMS messages to these five still cost money, unfortunately. And you can't add 1-800 and international numbers.

This service is similar to Sprint's Unlimited Calling plan to a home or office number, except with five times as many numbers. T-Mobile's always been generous with its minutes—like a pedophile with a bag of Werthers—and they continue their tradition here. It doesn't matter whether it's a cell or landline, or even if it's on another provider. All calls to the '5' will be free. The plan seems pretty great to us. We only have a few numbers that we usually call: our wives, the office, the folks, our bookie, and our mistress.

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