First Review! LOL! It's a good day when you can beat CNET to a gadget groping. Here's a video clip of me manhandling the Pioneer AVIC-S1 handheld GPS. It's designed like a Garmin Nuvi, but I know Nuvi, and you, sir, are no Nuvi. The skinny: GPS with 3D maps, and really sexy voice cues (sexier by far than either TomTom or Garmin), no street name reading, really terrible point of interest database, painfully slow Windows-based interface, glare prone screen, and bluetooth connectivity to the phone (for speakerphoning while driving.)

Don't expect this clip to be as shiny as those from Charlie W. or John Biggs. This is UHF, at best, fellas. Also, I need a manicure.

Pioneer AVIC-S1 [ Pioneer ]