Hoax or not, it is kind of a buzzkill to see this banner that is supposedly for Apple's WWDC next week. Upon first glance at the banner there is no visible evidence of any kind of iPhone. But then again, Apple's asshole puckers up tighter than a snare drum regarding new products and possible leaks.

There are only a couple things on this banner that may be worth a mention. First there is an iPod nano on the bottom left area of the banner. It doesn't exactly look white, so could this be the aluminum iPod nano that we have been speculating about in the past? Also, maybe my eyes are deceiving me but it seems like there are some panels on the far right side of the banner that are covered up, possibly hiding the fabulous iPhone? Oh well, enjoy the teaser pr0n. We'll all know the truth next week.

WWDC 2006 Banner [Via Digg]