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We've had trouble with Time Warner Cable before, and will probably have it again, but next time we'll be armed with this helpful hint from our balls-to-the-wall compadres at The Consumerist. It appears that if you have the magic password, the drones at Time Warner Customer Support will bump you upstairs to the techies who actually know how to fix problems.

The magic word? "L3," referring to Level 3 tech support, putting you in touch with those anointed ones who can not only help you figure out what's wrong, but authorize a truck roll or give you a refund. If you recall, it took us a couple of weeks of going through Road Runner hell before we could talk to someone who could do this. Maybe someday they'll put these people on the first call instead of fobbing us off on those worthless louts whose only trick is to tell us to reboot the modem.

HOWTO: Get Actual Customer Support From Time Warner Cable [The Consumerist]