During our latest coverage of the Zune, we'd been getting a sneaking feeling that the Microsoft MP3 player wouldn't have Video. They haven't been talking about video, their plans for video, and all the neat things they could be doing with video—it's all been audio. But the lack of video does come as a surprise with the Zune's bigger-than-the-5G-iPod display.

In this he-said-she-said chain, we're hearing that Bloomberg TV is saying the New York Post is claiming Microsoft is pushing their video on the Zune off launch, and only challenging Apple on the audio front this year. And of course, Apple fan sites are already rubbing it in:

With the news of Zune not having video features at launch, you could already begin laughing at what the media had prematurely labeled as Microsoft's iPod-Killer. It's vaporware, all over again.

We've still got hope for the Microsoft player.

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