Every once in a while we'll post a rather risque babe shot here at the Giz. Some of the more squeamish or lawsuit-prone beatches at your workplace might become uncomfortable if they steal a glance at your screen while reading one of these posts, so we have the perfect solution to that problem: Work Friendly, a website that lets you enter the URL of that favorite but sometimes not-safe-for-work site, takes out the images and makes it look exactly like an innocent Microsoft Word document on your screen.

Notice the graphic above, showing a Gizmodo post I wrote yesterday that was accompanied by a rather erotic photo of a muddied-up babe, which some readers said earned them dirty looks from prudish colleagues. Looks pretty tame now, doesn't it? Now you're getting it. There's even a Boss Key that substitutes corporate-looking text for whatever it was you were reading that might've been objectionable. Great way to read the Giz on the sly.

Enter URL Here [work Friendly, via Fleshbot (NSFW)]