Oh god, oh god, oh god. I am wetting my pants over here. (No, I'm not a satellite radio fanboy, I promise) This is the Soloist Universal Media Dock. It's beautiful, isn't it? This dock will utilize the universal dock adapter that SIRIUS has began using on their current Sportster 4 receivers and all future receivers to come. In addition to working with SIRIUS receivers this dock also has an auxiliary input for any other music playing devices—iPod, anyone?

The Soloist dock has NXT SurfaceSound flat speakers and a 10-watt-per-channel Tripath amp for all of your rocking needs. It also includes an alarm clock feature. It should be available in September for $150—what a deal! Don't worry, we will have a hands-on review as soon as possible.

Soloist Universal Media Dock for SIRIUS Receivers [Orbitcast]

Got some more info on this beauty from a Directed Electronics rep. Hit the jump for all of the details and more pics!

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•The "universal" description is based on being able to dock all of the new Sirius radios that share a common connector as well as having the std. 30-pin iPod connector embedded. You can't see it in the picture from the press release but by removing the plastic cradle for Sportster 4 you expose the iPod connector in front of the Sirius connector, covered by the little raised area where the Sirius logo is. A different plastic insert then drops into place, providing a cradle for all iPod 30-pin models, with a built-in adjustable backrest.
•In addition the AUX IN jack allows a non-docked portable such as S50 or other media players to be plumbed in for audio, if not actually docked.
•The system is not compatible with older model Sirius receivers, other than via the AUX IN jack.
•It does charge iPod players when they are docked. This dock meets the Made for Ipod program docking functionality requirements.
•There is a USB connection on the rear panel so you can connect the dock to a PC to support file transfers to iPod players when docked.
•The AUX OUT on the rear panel is configured for A/V output, so if you use a stereo + composite video adapter cable (3.5mm 4-contact to L/R/V RCA) you can pipe the video or images form a 30 or 60GB video iPod out to a monitor, TV, or your PC or laptop.
•The supplied remote control runs the dock, any of the docked Sirius radios, and iPods.
•The built-in alarm clock can be programmed to wake you up with either the docked device (Sirius or iPod) or alarm sound.
•The flat panel speaker provides a bipolar type sound field which is very well dispersed to the rear and wraps around quite a bit so even standing at a 90 degree angle to the front of the unit you get good sound - not stereo at that location fo course, but very listenable compared to being 90 degrees off-axis to a conventional speaker system.