No rebooting with Boot Camp and no Parallels software required to make these Cider-enhanced Windows games run on Mac. The only requirement is for game developers to include the Cider software in their game-builds for Windows, and Cider will handle all the translation between Windows and OS X. No major rebuild and development required on the game-developer's part.

One thing that makes Cider different is that the game is effectively "wrapped" with TransGaming's technology. Users pop in a disc, install the game, and run it just as they would a standard Mac OS X application. But instead of Mac OS X, the game remains a Windows application. Cider, meanwhile, translates on the fly the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that the game needs to call in order to work.

Interesting, but Mac games are already slower than their windows counterparts (Like World of Warcraft for example), and if there's going to be interpreting between the two APIs that may slow it down even more. Cider's people say that users may see "10 to 15 percent lower frame rates" compared to native OS X games. We'll wait and see whether Cider will be more practical than just rebooting into Windows via Boot Camp.

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