Remember that phatty—yeah, I said phatty, deal with it—Lexus that we saw at CES back in January? Yeah, the one that had the XM ParkingLink system that could locate empty stalls. Well eight months later some information has finally surfaced regarding the system. Our hombres at Orbitcast have word that ParkingLink will be available later this year. Wait, isn't that what XM said at CES? So what's the difference? Oh well, we'll take their word for it.

Working with the Quixote Transportation Technologies and Standard Parking XM will roll out ParkingLink in Chicago, Detroit, LA and Washington D.C. The system uses GPS and communicates with wireless sensors that are built into parking garages to determine if parking garages are full. Time saving for the win!

XM ParkingLink Coming Later This Year [Orbitcast]