Kodak's still around and they'll be launching two additions to the EasyShare line of digital cameras in the coming months, the C875 and the V705. The V705 is an update to the V570 that made its splash at CES back in January while the C875 has no previous lineage. Just like V570, the V705 has that wacky two lens setup, this time with a 7.1-megapixel image sensor. The dual lens setup also helps the camera take "ultra wide" shots. Now Granny won't get cut out of the picture anymore.

The EasyShare C875 has an 8-megapixel image sensor and 5x optical sensor and was touted by Kodak execs as being very easy to use. It has a neat feature that recognizes facial features and then attempts to track the subject's face. This seemed to work well enough when it was demonstrated and is sure to be a hit among the drunken youth of America who are often too hammered to properly take photos. There's also a smart scene mode that automatically chooses the best settings depending on the shooting location.


Both cameras share a few features between them, including Kodak Perfect Touch, which, surprisingly, is supposed to lead to better looking pictures. Jump for a picture of the dual lens V750.

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The Kodak EasyShare V705 should be available this September while the C875 should be at the end of this month. The V705 will carry a price tag of $349.95 and the C875 will hover around $299.95 .

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