Pioneer is showing that there's still some life left in plasma displays with the PureVision PDP-5070. It's a 50-inch, 1080p plasma display that, in addition to looking quite handsome, should deliver some pretty decent visuals. Pioneer redesigned the panel to improve some of the inner circuitry, chief among them improved red and blue phosphors, supposedly making the display brighter. Brighter, people! There's a few other features that might catch your discerning eyes, like the integrated ATSC/NTSC tuner and a handy USB plug for connecting digital cameras in order to view slideshows. Who doesn't love slideshows?

Basically, another year, another model: some more features here and there, improved picture quality, etc. Single file, children.

The PDP-5070 is available now for around $4,500.

UPDATE: There's a reason why they put pencils on erasers (get it?), folks. Re-reading the fine print in the materials that Pioneer supplied us, it looks like this bad boy only accepts a 1080p signal, but since the display's resolution is 1,365x768, you're not going to end up with a 1080p image, so ignore all that gobbledygook about it being a 1080p display. Hate away.
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