Fujifilm introduced its FinePix S3 Pro UVIR digital SLR camera, which the company calls the world's first production DSLR that can take photos in the ultraviolet and infrared light spectrum. Fujifilm is marketing the 12.3-megapixel camera to law enforcement agencies, who can use ultraviolet and infrared photography to visualize evidence that's hard to see with the human eye, such as bloodstains and gunshot residue. The S3 Pro UVIR lets those cops and detectives preview all this stuff live in its smallish two-inch viewscreen.

Fujifilm is also targeting science, medical and fine art disciplines with the camera, but doesn't mention that infrared photography gives you the ability to see through people's clothes. Available next month, it'll cost you $1800 to become a private eye, or perhaps find your way into the poky for taking high-tech up-skirt shots. It's the first digital SLR camera that may require new legislation to be introduced along with its rollout.

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