We're always looking for the Next Big Thing in backpacks, and this Mobile Edge SecurePack has an innovative design that may keep those sneaks with sticky fingers from stealing your valuable stuff. Milling around in a crowded situation, it's all too easy for thieves to slip something out of your pack without you even knowing it, especially when you have lots of pockets on the outside with large zipper pulls that are almost inviting miscreants to help themselves.

How does the SecurePack keep those prying hands to themselves? First of all, there are no pockets on the outside. The only way you can get into it is via a zipper that's located right next to your back and out of sight. The backpack's big enough for a 17-inch laptop, and has a special pocket for your music player along with a pass-through slot for your headphones. Looks comfy, too, with its ventilated and ergonomically-padded design. Get it in black with yellow trim or urban camouflage for $80.

Product Page [Mobile Edge, via Bios Magazine]