Toshiba's cranking out some pretty good projectors lately, and its latest is the TDP-TW100U, a DLP projector aimed at mobile professionals and shining a white-hot 2700 ANSI lumens—that's enough light to mesmerize a whole roomful of people with your presentation even if it's brightly lit in there, better to keep everybody from falling asleep.

A couple of neat tricks in this model are the integrated WiFi (802.11g) interface that makes it easy to hook it up to the network without having to string extra wires, and it also has a One-Touch auto setup to adjust its output to true white no matter what wall color you're using as a "screen." Plus, its 1024x768 native resolution isn't exactly HD, but it looks good enough if you want to take the projector home after work to watch a couple of movies. Available now, it's $1699.

Product Page [Toshiba, via MobileWhack]