At first glance, we thought these door handles made by supplier of door handles to yachts free:go were the same as the lighted door handles we've mentioned before, but no, these unusual knobs have a dual purpose: they're soft and elastic to the touch, and they also emit an allegedly pleasant aroma.

Ahh, aromatherapy, which isn't going to heal the sick or raise the dead but might be welcome in a stinky environment, and in this case each scent is associated with a color. For example, the orange-colored handle smells like cinnamon, lilac color is jasmine, red smells like rose, black has an opium scent (what's next? reefer scent?), and then there's white, wafting a vanilla essence around the room.


The business end of these handles is made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), a rubberized plastic that can reduce electrostatic shock on those dry winter days and has a weird, pliable consistency that might come in handy on the door of a padded cell. But what if you go to all the trouble of installing one of these handles, and then get tired of that stench it's kicking up all day and night?

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