Here's one of those pieces of techno-goodness that serves as foreshadowing to what we might be seeing in the not-too-distant future. Samsung has just created the first 3-inch LCD panel that not only has enough pixels for 640x480 (VGA) resolution, but also has the industry-standard interface needed to fit into digital still cameras.

Until now, the video standard used for still-camera viewscreens would only work with LCDs with 320x240 pixel resolution. The only way designers could get that video to work properly was by using a convoluted process that had to convert the 30Hz signals of digital cameras to an LCD-friendly 60Hz. This new LCD panel from Samsung operates at 30Hz, bypassing the extra conversion step and allowing that higher 640x480 resolution, too.


Expect to see Samsung cranking out this LCD panel in the first half of next year, with digital cameras featuring the 3-inch 640x480 viewfinders appearing on the market not long after that.

Samsung develops LCD screen of 3inch VGA for digital cameras [, via Newlaunches]