Every Thursday you can hear me on the Covino & Rich Show on SIRIUS 108, Maxim Radio at 1:30pm. The show runs from 10am to 2pm with replays at 10pm, all eastern. Today I covered the best way to make a home sex tape, hit the continued link below to get the full scoop on all of the products mentioned.

Hands down, the best bet for filming yourself getting freaky is the Sanyo Xacti HD1a. This small digital camcorder is high definition baby. Yes, that means a HD money shot—haven't you always dreamed of that? It will record at 720p resolution in 16:9 widescreen onto SD memory cards. It runs a bit high for the amateur film star's budget—around $700. Pricing and ordering information can be found here.

If the $700 price tag is a bit discouraging, there are still some more affordable options for high quality webcams. Companies like Logitech and Microsoft have recently released webcams that can also record in high definition. These webcams sport a more reasonable price tag of $50 to $100.

Now if you want to be a little stealthy and record without the other knowing—which is completely illegal, mind you—there are a few options. A lot of Japanese companies have been integrating webcams into stuffed animals to make the camera little more hidden and unnoticeable. Toys like dogs, monkeys, snakes and even Japanese Doraemons are having integrated webcams. These are pretty low quality, but will allow filming unnoticed.

Another option for more hidden filming is Wi-Fi webcams. Cams like the Linksys WVC200 allow you to set up the webcams in other places where computers aren't always handy. They will connect wirelessly to your home network and can even upload the video stream live to the internet for instant gratification for everyone.

If you want to go really lazy. Just fire up that MacBook you have sitting there. The webcam is really discreet and not very noticeable.

Don't forget about filming your neighbors doing the horizontal shuffle. Telescopic webcams would get that job taken care of really easily.

Happy filming!