The BenQ LinkPro is compatible with BenQ's MP620, MP770 and MP720p projectors and wireless transmits what's on a PC's display to any of the aforementioned projectors. Obviously, the main benefit is that you're no longer tethered to a cable in order to get that wildly entertaining, if not immensely informative, PowerPoint presentation onto the wall. The LinkPro has a range of about 65 feet and is capable of transmitting up to 1,024x768 pixels. If you're so inclined, you can even have 10 computers access the LinkPro using a hub. And yes, the LinkPro even lets you use wired connection, in case you fear naughty hackers stealing your precious presentation from thin air.

The LinkPro is available now (well, tomorrow) in Japan for about $260.

Press Release (in Japanese) [BenQ via]