The current battle—war, if you will—between Blu-ray and HD-DVD will end in an inglorious stalemate according to research conducted by Screen Digest, a business-related media research and analysis firm. Moreover, the research firm also predicts that the war will do more harm than good and actually harm the high definition disc market, which kind of goes against the whole "competition will set you free" thesis, at least in this case.

Just under one-fourth of DVD sales by 2010 will be high definition discs the research also concluded. Interestingly enough, Amazon higher-ups told a group yesterday, myself included, that they don't necessarily care who wins the high definition DVD wars and neither do its customers; the more affluent, technologically savvy Amazon buyers will plop down money for their favorite right now, and should their horse lose the rase, they'll simply switch allegiances. I take it not many of you share the same sentiments.

'Stalemate' for high-def DVD war [BBC News]

HD DVD, Blu-ray Disc and the future of home entertainment: A strategic analysis [Screen Digest] (note: report costs $5,000 to view online, or $2,500 for a print version)