Greetings, kind-hearted readers. You know, the LG Chocolate, which I've been using for two weeks thanks to the folks at LG, is a pretty nice-looking cellphone—too bad the touch-sensitive buttons stop working at the worst possible time. Find out why after the jump.

Last night I was alone in my chamber watching news that John Terry was set to replace David Beckham as captain of the England national football team when I received a text message from a lady friend. Naturally, I wanted to stop everything I was doing in order to reply, but lo and behold, the touch-sensitve buttons didn't respond to—what's this?—my touch. Yes, the one task the buttons were designed to carry out could not be executed. Awesome.


If you're not familiar with the Chocolate, the touch-sensitive buttons are vital to the cellphone's operation: without them, you cannot place a call (you can receive a call, though), create a text message or do anything that requires you to use the "OK" button or the directional buttons.

This impasse lasted through the night and, thank Jupiter, the cellphone "fixed" itself sometime overnight. By the time I woke up this morning, the all-clear had been sounded and the buttons started to work again. Let this serve as a warning to the readers out there: don't be surprised if the Chocolate indeed melts in your hands.

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