Now you can go to a car race and see and hear just about everything that's going on with Kangaroo TV, a handheld device that can stream 10 live MPEG4 video channels along with audio feeds and data. It's being rolled out first at racetracks, where fans like to hear the radio chatter between pit crews and drivers, as well as keep tabs on the leader board and see sections of the track that aren't visible from the grandstand. Using Kangaroo TV, they can receive multiple streams of data while choosing between various camera angles, including in-car views.

Montreal-based Kangaroo TV is renting out these units for $50 a day or $70 for a weekend at NASCAR races, where the product is branded NASCAR Nextel FanView. The units are also being rented at Formula One races and the Champ Car series. The company has plans to expand its service into other sports where spectators need to see multiple locations to tell what's going on, such as skiing and golf, and also plans to cover basketball, football, baseball and many other sports.

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