Good ol' RIM will launch the BlackBerry 8707g—closely related to the 8700g—this week, yet another member of its happy BlackBerry family that will operate on 2100MHz UMTS networks (in addition to supporting old hat GSM). You'll find the familiar, family-destroying capabilities that have made the BlackBerry all the rage on K Street: full QWERTY keyboard, e-mail like nobody's business and support for all those Microsoft apps that define you as a professional, including PowerPoint and Excel. Yes, junior executive, the world revolves around you.

The 320x240-pixel resolution screen perhaps isn't the best money can buy, but it's not necessarily a throwaway either. Look for it this week for a secret, unannounced price.

Introducing the New Blackberry 8707g! (similar form to rumored 8703e) [RIM Blackberry Forums -]