Verizon announced yesterday that they'll be coming out with the Home Media DVR, which is supposed to enable its FIOS (their fancy fiber to the home initiative) customers to stream DVR'd content around the house. Sound the trumpets. What might this mean for the average consumer, though?

Pioneer of all things TiVo, Dave Zatz points to a few things that deserve further attention. Firstly, the fact that Verizon is openly supporting the concept of room-to-room streaming means that TiVo's days as being the sole supporter of such forward-thinking technology may be coming to an end. Secondly, that we can expect to see more companies beginning to charge for services à la carte—nickel-and-diming us, as it were.

And don't be fooled by Verizon's professional tricksters who may want to call the DVR "place shifting," since throwing content from room-to-room isn't exactly the same as moving content across the country.

The Significance of Verizon's "New" DVR [Zatz Not Funny]