If you're a proud TiVo owner and feel like spreading some TiVo cheer to the neighbors, keep an eye on the TiVo House Party. It's a service that hooks people up with free junk ("something fun and free" in their parlance) so as to host—wait for it—killer house parties. You supply your name and e-mail address into their system, and, if selected by their crack team of Partyologists, you get to host a night of corporate-approved fun.

The Web site has all the tools you need to manage your little fiesta, so you can send invites to your friends and snub your enemies. If you've decided to ruin your life and have children, fear not: a special TiVo KidZone Party is coming soon. The premise? Use TiVo's KidZone to hunt down kid-tested, mother-approved programming while the adults hang around discussing how great life was when Studio 54 was still around.


Don't miss September's Tivo House Party theme, a TiVo Tasting Party, where they'll provide you with " special programming, exclusive offers, and entertaining tips." Be sure to invite The Last Man to your swingin' parties.

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