In a press event today—that Gizmodo was not invited to, mind you, supposedly because some PR suits at SIRIUS don't like blogs—SIRIUS announced the addition of four new receivers to their already existing line. The have added the SIRIUS Starmate4, Starmate3, Sportster3 and Stratus. All of the players will use their new universal dock adapter.

In addition to the receiver SIRIUS also announced a new home system called the SIRIUS Conductor. Get more info on this and the receivers after the jump.

No pictures yet, but I'm working on it, so keep your pants up.

Edit: Extremely low res pictures have been found over at SSG. Hit the jump to see them.

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The Starmate4 is a slim-design receiver with a large display. It is capable of replaying (or time-shifting) up to 44 minutes of content. It will be available this October for $120.

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The Starmate3 is similar to the Starmate4, but it does not include the 44-minute replay/time-shifting ability. This player will retail for $100.

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The Sportster3 is another slim-design receiver that includes a rotary turn knob and large buttons. It should be available in September for $120.

The Starmate4, Starmate3 and Sportster3 all also feature:
•SIRIUS GameZone , which lets users select favorite teams from each of the sports leagues, including NFL, NBA and NHL, and view scores on one screen
•SIRIUS Game Alert , which advises users when their favorite teams begin playing and when scores change
•One-touch Jump , which takes users to and from their local SIRIUS traffic and weather broadcast or any favorite SIRIUS music, sports or talk channel with the touch of a button
•MEMO with S-Seek Alert stores names of favorite artists, songs and programs, and alerts users when playing on any channel
•Program alert that allows users to program the radio to switch to a selected channel at a specific time
•30 channel presets
•Parental controls
•A built-in wireless 100 channel FM transmitter allowing SIRIUS to be heard through any FM radio
•Real-time satellite updated clock with seven time zones, auto shutdown and sleep timer

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The Stratus is a lower-end receiver with an October release and a $60 price tag. It has 10 presets, three line display, FM transmitter, etc. Nothing to spectacular, pretty basic but includes the universal dock adapter.


Also announced today was the SIRIUS Conductor. This is a home system for SIRIUS listening. It includes a receiver, controller and the other basic accessories. The Conductor connects to an existing home stereo and is controlled by a wireless controller with range of 150 feet. This thing is still kind of confusing. So it is essentially a SIRIUS receiver that connects to your home stereo and is controlled with some kind of advanced controller? The confusement doesn't end there, either.

The SIRIUS Conductor supports up to two audio zones using the included radio plus an accessory SiriusConnect Home Kit, enabling listeners to play two different channels in different rooms at the same time. Separate subscriptions for this feature are required.

What the hell? I'll know more once I swangle some pictures, which I'm still working on, but stay turned.