Gizmodo pal, Felipe Li, has tipped us off to some exclusive information about Amazon's video downloading service. These exclusive screens were found by some smarties with a little insider information and Google caching know how.

The television shows run for $1.99 and it seems the average movie will run around $10. Amazon Unbox is the name of the Amazon video player that will accompany this service. According to the FAQs the video player "recommends" having Windows XP, sorry Mac users.

The FAQs also says that the videos can be transferred to a supported portable media player, the video quality is comparible to DVD and you can burn the movies to DVD but they won't play in a DVD players because of the DRM's ass-raping limitations. Hit the jump for more screenshots, or follow the links below to see the page for yourself.

Main Page

Download Page

20th Century Fox Page

Sci-Fi Page

[All via Kokogiak Gendankengang]