Although these are just UI mockups, our tipsters have confirmed that they're similar to the current "live" design on the player. These mockups are plain because the backgrounds are textured and have artwork, so the actual text is just white on black.

The first shot is of the settings menu—nothing spectacular. There's no "movies" or "video" entry, which is kind of strange, since the Zune supports video. More shots after the jump.

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This next one is showing how it looks when you're browsing through your music. As you can see the large "M" on the sides means you're on that letter, which makes it easier to read when you're scrolling fast.

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The music playback screen has a scrollbar so you can tell where you are in the song, and very large artwork. One complaint I had about the 5G iPod was that the album art is too small. It's nice that it's there, but something like this where you can easily identify the album art would be great. Maybe even a track number somewhere on the side so you can know which track you're on would also be useful.

This image was lost some time after publication.

The next shot is of the FM tuner screen. The real FM screen has the track info (artist, track name) under the screen, but this is pretty close.


The other items in the UI that iLounge didn't get screenshots for are the Videos screen, which shows you options like "all videos" and "all TV shows". This probably means they either plan a "TV Shows" download in their upcoming Video Store, or you can grab TV shows from your Media Center and watch them on the Zune. The videos are automatically flipped depending on whether they're widescreen or fullscreen.

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