We've spoken of the R2H before but now that's it's officially been unveiled, let's the bubbly fly! Running on Windows XP Tablet PC Edition with Touch Pack software and centered around a 7-inch touch screen, the R2H boasts a couple of features that are appreciated, save for the paltry 256MB of RAM built-in. The UMPC (Ultra-Mobile PC, natch) has a fingerprint authentication capability so only you, the one true owner, can access the R2H.

Bluetooth 2.0 is found on the UMPC as is 802.11a/b/g and a built-in "high-resolution" Web cam. Plus there's GPS, since globe-trotting UMPC users need to know their exact coordinates at all times.


The R2H, 900MHz Celeron M processor and all, still doesn't have a set price, nor a release date. But it has been officially announced, which makes everything nicey nice.

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