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Remember how it felt when your baby brother was born, and your parents spent all their attention—not to mention money—on him instead of you? That sucked didn't it? That's how our "special" posts feel today during the onslaught of Apple news. Here they are, special again.

First, the TiVo Series 3 was reviewed by our resident A/V expert Charlie. He thought it was great, but is it worth $799 for you? Read his review to find out.

Then there's our Transporter video tour of the streaming audio player. Looks great to us, but watch for yourself.


Here's something even Steve Jobs can appreciate—since he actually mentioned this in his keynote today—the iCarta iPod Dock and Toilet Paper Holder. We just wished he would have used that shot of Chen on the crapper.

Lastly, there's the Samsung YP-K5 MP3 player with built-in speakers. Check out all the hands-on action and full review of the device.