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Panasonic makes a foray into the useless toilet seat business, trying to sell this Panasonic DL-GWN device that lights up a bull's-eye in the water at which to aim your stream. Its light has a dual function, also warming the toilet seat, which we can tell you from personal experience is a highly desirable feature, especially in winter.

But hey, instead of spending the $1165 on this throne, we would suggest a dimmable light switch in your bathroom along with a heated toilet seat, both which can be had for a fraction of that price and accomplish the same thing. Or better yet, guys, get your own urinalā€”no lights needed, no splashing unless you're really drunk and your aim is off by 90 degrees. Anyway, the Panasonic DL-GWN will be available November 1.


New Toilet Seat helps you pee when drunk [Newlaunches]