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We know it's not you, dear GizReader, but that roommate of yours is stinking up the bathroom so badly we can smell it all the way over here. Get him this Toto Deodorization Fan which uses the miracle of activated carbon filtering to keep that toxic waste out of your nose. Plug the fan into an electrical outlet, and it stands sentry, protecting your household from malodorous invaders. It's $15, and carbon cartridge refills are $5.

Even though this is a cheap and goofy-looking bear-eared device, it comes from a company that's established quite a bit of credibility in the shitcan and stench-killing business. Heck, Toto makes the $5700 Neorest 600 toilet using similar deodorizing tech. Considering the blessed relief it offers, this little fan sounds like a bargain.

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