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If you're thinking about springing for one of the latest TiVos with CableCards inside, you might be in for some rough sledding, if TiVo itself is any indication. It's been meeting with the FCC (here's the follow-up letter from that meeting), decrying "CableCard deployment issues," meaning that TiVo is trying to get the FCC to force cable companies to more effectively deploy CableCards for its multimedia recorders, without overcharging, technical issues or missed appointments.

But wait. While Zatz Not Funny reports Comcast balkiness with the CableCards, I had nothing but smooth sailing with Time Warner Cable, which sent over an astute technician who immediately plugged two CableCards into a TiVo Series 3 HD Multimedia Recorder, and all worked perfectly after just a few minutes. The company did charge me $31 for the truck roll, though. Anyone else having positive or negative experiences with the cable companies on this issue?

TiVo Meets With FCC, Talks CableCARD [Zatz Not Funny]