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Because of our No Bra Left Behind policy here at the Giz, we're compelled to show you this year's fantasy getup from Victoria's Secret, this time tipping the bank account south by $6.5 million. The Hearts on Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra has a total of 800 carats—more than 2000 round diamonds—spread out across both breasts and on the straps, and a 10-carat diamond brooch right there in that sweet spot between those mountains of love.

We'd rather get up close and personal with that babe wearing the bra, lovely supermodel Karolina Kurvoka, than the absurd garment itself. But if you find yourself coming up short of cash for one of these bejeweled brassieres this Christmas, perhaps that $1.89 million solid gold bra would be more in your price range.

Like this bra? Snap it up for just $6.5M [USA Today, via BornRich]