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IGN UK took the SIXAXIS PS3 controller to town, groping it rough in some back alley behind their cubicle farm, going on to say it feels cheaper than the joypad on a Chinese NES knockoff. Chinese Atari knockoff, even.

The newly-designed lower L and R shoulder triggers feel more like they belong on a prototype. Tather than being simple shoulder-mounted buttons, the triggers are now hinged horizontally along the controller, like triggers. Invariably we found our digits slipping off with the triggers snapping back to their default position. Bah.

But on the contrary, only a few months ago, IGN USA said...


Just imagine a lighter, silver version of your current PS2 peripheral. The strange thing is that even though the controller wasn't as hefty, it completely avoids feeling cheap. The shoulder buttons and analogue sticks have a bit more spring to them.

We guess they made some changes, or IGN's interns are doing the testing, again. I think that Sony had the controller right with the PS2, so I doubt they could go this wrong and mess up a simple revision in the industrial design. But if you look at the photo, the lower bumpers do look...grotesque. I'm still just grateful they ditched the boomerang.

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