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Nolan Bushnell's super high-tech video game restaurant, uWink finally opened its doors last week and the first reviews are beginning to come in. The general concensus is that the place isn't even ready to be opened.

Jonathan from gamebang provided us with a very grammatically butchered review of the restaurant, but a review nonetheless. Every table has three touchscreen displays where the food/drink ordering and gaming is done. Upon entering the restaurant you are given an RFID card that tracks everything done and ordered. For the gaming, there were only six or so games that were mostly short little flash games, and they will soon be adding table-vs-table gaming competition.


Jonathan seemed most upset that there were no booths in the restaurant and that they charge extra for bacon and cheese. Even though Jonathan says it isn't close to being 100-percent finished, uWink still seems like an interesting place to at least check out.

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