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Firefox, the browser that hath taken back the Web, is inching closer to another release milestone, version 2.0. Release candidate 3, or RC3 for the nerds in the house, might well be the last release candidate before version 2.0 officially goes live. What are some of the features you can expect to enjoy (or hate) once you upgrade? I think a jump is in order.

So Firefox 2.0 brings several changes to the Web browser that open source built. Some of the ones you'll immediately notice include:

•New visual theme. Yup, the 'fox looks different all right. Hooray (?)

•Built-in inline spell check. Handled by an extension before, spell check is now bolted onto the Web browser.


•Tab enhancements. Each tab now has an "X" in the top right corner instead of the one "X" in the tab bar. New windows now automatically open in a new tab rather than a separate window.

•Session restore. So far, I've only seen this work after a crash, but basically Firefox remembers all the tabs and windows that were open when things go haywire.

•Better RSS handling. Now you can subscribe to your favorite RSS feeds using either Firefox's built-in reader, a Web service (like Bloglines) or a stand alone application.


Many on the Interweb claim that these enhancements are nothing more than feature creep at its finest. Any opinions on this?

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