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Wildly unsubstantiated rumors last month hinted at the release of the Delphi SKYFi3, a portable satellite radio compatible with XM. Rumors, begone! since Delphi has now officially announced the little radio that could... provided it gets the approval of the FCC. Yep, Delphi's announcing the product before it has even been properly anointed by that cranky regulatory body. Good move, Delphi.

The fact that it's the first portable satellite radio to feature removable storage (microSD) has the entire industry ablaze (sorta). At least now we know that it sports a 2.8-inch display and will hit the streets running at $229—again, provided the FCC gatekeepers give the go-ahead.


Portable satellite radio? Lord knows I'm a fan... not too sure about the monochrome display, however.

Product Page [Delphi via CrunchGear]