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Aimed at people who want great graphics performance without having to spend their entire month's rent on a card—and then spend next month's rent on his twin brother. Starting at $199, the X1950 has ATI's CrossFire technology so you can enable CrossFire without using an actual CrossFire Edition card.

The card uses the R540 chip, and goes directly into competition with nVidia's GeForce 7900 GS in the medium-range market. Similar to nVidia's setup, the cards have two internal connectors to link the pair, and is flexible enough to allow for different spacing among different motherboards. There's also HDCP compliance so you can watch the locked-down "entertainment" studios are feeding you these days.


Best of all, the X1950 works with Stanford's Folding@Home beta client which produces around 20 to 40 times as many work units as a CPU. Get your game on and do medical research at home. Nice.