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The new T-Mobile Dash is yet another fine competitor in the bloody arena of smartphones (just ask resident fanboy Jason Chen). Featuring a full QWERTY keyboard, EDGE, WiFi, and enhanced multimedia through Windows Media 10—all on top of a sleek design—the Dash couldn't wait to give the Motorola Q a good

Behold our stunning graphs light-years ahead of your primitive 3D display technologies, then hit the jump for our Frankenreview—the blogger's equivalent to a quadruple-stuffed Oreo without the cookie.

Frankenreviewer Says:

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"We may have called it ugly as sin at one point, but once we had the final product in our hand, we changed our mind."
"It's extremely elegant, clad in soft-touch black plastic that feels great in the hand."
"Keys are backlit by a purple glow, a cool touch."
"The entire keypad is actually wider than the pad on our 700p, and the keys themselves have more breathing room..."
"The keys are packed very tightly together, but they offer excellent tactile feedback."
"The new volume control touch strip is...a bit temperamental."
"...extremely difficult to know how accurately you're changing the volume..."
- Volume was the one design flaw everyone agreed on.

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"The Dash is extremely well connected."
"With Wi-Fi and 2.5G support, the Dash is a browsing powerhouse. The Wi-Fi connection manager lists all available connections in the area, and delineates between locked, open, and ad hoc networks."
"MSN instant messaging is obviously supported, as are Yahoo, AIM, and ICQ messaging."
"...our experience didn't exactly feel "instant," as it took an average of 25 seconds to sign onto Yahoo and anywhere from 4 to 40 seconds to send and receive messages."
"Mobile Internet Explorer handles complicated and graphically rich pages well...but stumbles when it comes to JAVA- and AJAX-heavy sites, such as YouTube."
"The BlackBerry Pearl, which rides on the same 2.5G network, is faster because it uses a more efficient Java-based browser."
"As a phone, the Dash is just adequate."
"Calls sound a bit fuzzy, with some dips in reception, even when we had full signal strength."
- Talking is overrated, that's why we email.

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"Media playing is robust thanks to Windows Media Player 10."
"Thrillingly, you can finally play video in full-screen mode, something that didn't work on previous Windows Mobile Smartphone OS devices."
"...picture quality was a bit disappointing as colors appeared washed out and lines and edges weren't as sharp as we've seen on other phones."
"...the video mode captures unremarkable 176-by-144, 10-frames-per-second videos."
"...easy it is to share your shots and low-res video footage; clicking on the envelope icon after you're done recording takes you directly to an MMS or e-mail message prepopulated with your photo or video attachment."
- Too bad the images aren't worth sharing.

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"...the Dash was a little bit sluggish overall. We experienced a number of delays when opening and closing applications."
"...rated for 5 hours of talk time and up to 9 days of standby time. In our tests, the Dash more than doubled the rated talk time..."
"'s a worthy competitor to the BlackBerry Pearl, Motorola Q, and Palm Treo 700p."
- Now let's get these smartphones just a hair smarter, editing Office files while cutting my hair.


Size: 4.4 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches
Weight: 4.2 ounces
Included battery: Li-Ion
Talk time: up to 5 hours
Standby time: up to 9 days
Band (frequency): 850 MHz;900 MHz;1800 MHz;1900 MHz


* Text messaging*
* Instant messaging: Yahoo! , MSN , and AOL *


* 1.3 Megapixel camera
* Windows Media Player
* Video capture/playback


* Easily synch w/ Microsoft Outlook
* Built-in QWERTY Keypad
* myFaves capable*
* Stereo Bluetooth wireless technology


* Real web browsing*
* GPRS/EDGE and Wi-Fi enabled*
* Micro SD memory slot
* Voice-activated dialing

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