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A UK company has figured out a way to keep online supermarkets as competitive as possible with mySupermarket, a website that lets you pick out items and then compare the prices for that shopping cart full of food between the four major online supermarket chains in the UK. A running total shows you the price of the goods as you choose them, directly comparing the four supermarket prices. Once you've finished shopping, pick the lowest-priced store, and with a single click mySupermarket will send your order to that supermarket's website for online checkout.

What a great idea! Now, if we could just get even one online supermarket that doesn't take a one-way trip down the road to financial ruin here in the US, someday we could get started on something like this. Maybe online supermarkets are unsuccessful in the US because of the distances involved. Or maybe it's their super-slim profit margins.

Product Page [mySupermarket Limited] (Thanks, Justin!)