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The only thing that gives away this retro Bluetooth handset from ThinkGeek is its tiny blue LED on the mouthpiece, peering out when connected, and letting you know that this is not your grandfather's telephone. And, oh yeah, there's no curly connecting cord, either. Sync it up with your cellphone and you're off and running, up to 30 feet away using Bluetooth 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2. Kinda reminds us of that retro Skype phone.

Impress people with your quaint, old-fashioned allure, and hope at the same time they think it's charming when you talk to yourself on an old-fashioned telephone handset that's apparently not connected to anything. Yes, they'll really like you for that. I would. It's 40 bucks.

Product Page [ThinkGeek]