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Hopefully you didn't get too excited about our recent post about Enviga, the Coca-Cola Company green tea that apparently claims to burn more calories than it contains. Our Consumerist pals are the ones with the whole truth, and they found that the research behind this claim is bogus. Studying the fine print, they discovered the study only had 32 people participating, and all were of normal weight. Plus, the results showed no difference in fat burning between the ones who drank this swill and those who drank up a placebo version of it.

Come to think of it, Coke never did "officially" mention anything about weight loss with this drink, however, when you see the words "the calorie burner" directly above the brand name Enviga, one might be led to believe this could slim you down a bit. Or was that just wishful thinking on our part? But you called it, readers: 62.5% of you said "I call bullshit" in our Gizmodo Enviga poll.

Shocker: Enviga Doesn't Actually Burn Calories [The Consumerist]