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Imagine a system that could potentially bring you any television channel in the world, live. That's TVUPlayer, peer-to-peer software from TVU Networks in Shanghai, China that lets anyone place a live broadcast signal on the Internet for anyone else to view. The guys at WebTV Hub tried it out, and found it simple to use and powerful enough to shake up the broadcast world on a scale comparable to BitTorrent.

The reviewers found some channels such as CBS, Hollywood Movies and Fox playing back well in full screen, while others were jittery with extremely low quality and couldn't be viewed full screen. Thus far, this beta software has no pausing, rewinding or recording features, and its legality is still in question as well.


If TVUPlayer gets too popular, which seems inevitable, expect Hollywood greedmeisters to descend upon the common man once again, with all that entails—including unseemly court battles with huge corporations suing grandmas and children.

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