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Clarion named its latest car entertainment center the N.I.C.E. P200, with that acronym standing for Navigation In Car Entertainment system, and entertain it does with its 7-inch touchscreen LCD and 20GB of storage, 10GB of which is reserved for entertainment media storage. It's Sirius satellite-ready and can store tons of MP3s, WMAs and WMV files for playback. Plus, there's an input for a backup camera, one of the most practical uses for such a system.

It's hard to believe this unit has a 7-inch screen and is still portable, where most other portable navi systems have a smaller screen and form factor. Looks like a highly versatile system, but you'll pay dearly for its myriad features—it's retailing for $1300. Seems like for that much money you'd get more than 2 million points of interest (POI), for instance, the Cobra NavOne 4500 costs half that and gives you 7 million POIs.

Product Page [Clarion USA, via Navigadget]