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Sony finally confirmed all the accessories that will be available for the PS3 in the US, and even fessed up to how much you will have to fork over for them. Here's how it all adds up:

PS3 With All The Trappings
PS3 60GB HDD$599.00$599.00
HDMI Cable$49.99$648.99You can find it cheaper on eBay
Memory Card Adapter$14.99$663.98The only way to play saved PS2 games on your PS3
Sixaxis Wireless Controller$50.00$713.98The box supports up to seven, comes with only one—but it knows six positions
Blu-Ray Disc Remote$29.99$743.97Because you are too damn lazy to use the Sixaxis as a remote control?

That's before you add in power consumption of course.

The games are expected to retail for under $60 each. Worth it?