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The Korean Electronics Show is currently underway, meaning that we get sneak peaks at all sorts of things that'll more than likely never be released in the U.S., like Sharp's SP700 portable media player. Built around a drool-enducing 4.3-inch widescreen display, the SP700 features a kinda-small-by-now 30GB hard drive and an SD card expansion slot. This being Korea, there's a built-in DMB tuner for receiving digital TV broadcasts on-the-go.

You'll find it, um, somewhere on Earth early next year. All it needs is for Paris Hilton to endorse it and the social networking crowd would probably snap this up in an instant... provided the Korea peninsula isn't a no man's land by then. It's not like it's the only widescreen PMP, however, including some that have actually been released here. l

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