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The liberal media elite over at the New York Times just now published a review of the Sony mylo some two months late. Pogue himself takes a look at the end all, be all, WiFi, Skype, IM, Browser, music sharing mp3 player aimed at students. My favorite part is his opening line:

"There's nothing quite as embarrassing as a grown-up trying too hard to look young and hip."

I agree, 43-year-old tech journalist. As far as rocking goes, he likes the fact that the mylo plays nice with Skype once you've connected to a Wi-Fi network. What he doesn't like is...


how bad it functions as a Web browser and is shocked that it doesn't play music downloaded from the iTunes Store. Oh, and to put videos on it, you need to convert them into a special Sony variant of MPEG-4, which can only be churned out with Windows software.

A New Gadget on Campus. Who's It For? [New York Times]