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From the Holy Shit department of our esteemed relative in the basement Kotaku, we hear leakage about the upcoming Sony Playstation Portable, with a Sony mole saying we'll be seeing a shiny new PSP come Spring, 2007. Since one of the new PSP's iterations will reportedly have 8GB of built-in flash memory, we're assuming it's going to be much slimmer than the current model. Speculates P.J. McNealy of American Technology Research:

"Sony will likely introduce a refresh of the PSP hardware line, including a hard-disk drive PSP and a second PSP with no hard drive but with a significant amount of flash memory on board," he said. "We expect these products in Spring 2007, with the pricing for the hard-drive based model at $199 or above, and the new flash-based one below $199."

Bring on the latest and greatest tech, and cram it into the smallest package you can muster.


However, we're also hearing that the company will mulishly stick with the PSP's proprietary UMD format. Bag that dog—it's dead, Sony.

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