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The Boy Scouts of America LA Council have joined with the MPAA, offering 52,000 scouts the opportunity to earn an activity patch for learning the dangers of copyright infringement. This from the AP article:

"Scouts also must choose one activity from a list that includes visiting a movie studio to see how many people can be harmed by film piracy. They also can create public service announcements urging others not to steal movies or music."

So is this before or after the scouts are taught about the dangers of cosmetic surgery and that it's not healthy having arms that would snap in two if they supported the weight of a rice cake? At the end of the studio tour do the scouts get to give hummers in the back of limos for an extra "starring role" badge?

"Unlike a merit badge, an activity patch is not required to advance in the Scouts. Instead, they are awarded for various recreational and educational activities, such as conservation or volunteering at a food bank."

Yes, because humans starving and our environment becoming an inhabitable wasteland is equivalent to a kid stealing Sexyback off the new Timberlake album.

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