Hasbro's Tooth Tunes toothbrushes have an MP3 player built in. Ya, they use bone-conduction to rattle the sound through your teeth for 3 minutes, making sure you brush for the American Dental Association's recommended time. The bristles are a bit hard, the head a bit small, and the handle sucks for reverse grip action, but I found it pretty damn cool to brush my teeth while listening to Black Eyed Peas. I wish you could swap songs, but they've got a pretty good variety of music. Gallery below, video above, and 18 song list, Including the Rocky theme, KISS, Queen, and Destiny's Child, after the jump.

Exclusive Video: Hasbro Tooth Tunes MP3 Toothbrush
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The Toothtunes brushes come in these songs:

Beach Boys (Fun, Fun, Fun)
Destinys Child (Survivor)
Kelly Clarkson (Walk Away)
Queen (We Will Rock You)
Aly & AJ (Walking on Sunshine)
Black Eyed Peas (Let's Get It Started)
Hilary Duff (Wake Up)
Jesse McCartney (Beautiful Soul)
KISS (Rock & Roll All Night)
The Cheetah Girls (Shake A Tail Feather)
Theme Song from Rocky (Gonna Fly Now)
Village People (YMCA)

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